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Ready-Mix History

The science of concrete dates to 6500BC in what is modern day Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. The structures built by these ancient people remain standing at present.
Limestone, clay, and gypsum remain the base for any batch of concrete builders use today to construct the world around us. When Two Guns opened its’ doors in 2021, the idea was never to change the product. History has proven concrete will withstand the test of time.
Established by a contractor for all contractors, Two Guns Ready-Mix understands what the construction industry is lacking and how we can make it better.

two guns Ready-Mix Today

Two Guns Ready-Mix was founded in 2021 in San Angelo, Texas. The family-owned enterprise was established after the owner, a 40-year construction veteran, realized the need for accessible, quality ready-mix. With a focus on quality and customer service, Two Guns takes pride in helping small businesses in the Concho Valley. We offer flexible hours, streamlined communication, and product education for all contractors, big or small!

two guns Ready-Mix and the future

If concrete has stood the test of time, how can Two Guns Ready-Mix make it better? Two Guns takes pride in being the little man; we have flexibility as a family-owned and operated enterprise that larger corporations can’t match. As a contractor lead organization, Two Guns knows the shortfalls of the concrete industry. We pride ourselves in being a forward-thinking business in a fast-moving industry that requires an upgrade in customer service and technology. The science in concrete won’t change, but the product we deliver will exceed expectations through exceptional customer service and quality.


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